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MFI offers ease of process and expertise needed to facilitate rapid funding of biodiesel and ethanol plant developments. Financing loans on an Ethanol or Biodiesel plant could be a daunting task if not intimidating. The main obstacle to these projects is usually how to fund them.

There are several issues to consider in the development of a new biodiesel or ethanol plant. Experienced developers know if the project is financially feasible. Others need sometimes expensive consultation with experts in the field. It is usually required that an experienced party be involved in the ownership of the development.

Usually, the most challenging part about constructing an ethanol or biodiesel plant is arranging financing or loans for funding it. Money is a huge factor in creating any ambitions development. The main concern is how to ensure its cash flow is able to sustain the resources needed for building and continued long term operation of the project. Fortunately, there are several ways one can obtain financing loans for funding a biodiesel or ethanol plant. Here are a few of them:

Equity –   is done by making available for sale common or preferred stocks to investors. Both individuals and institutions may become stockholders. To raise money in this type of finance approach, stocks of the proposed project is sold to viable investors, who get an ownership interest in the corporation in exchange for cash. When this approach is applied to the creation, the plant’s stocks is offered to investors who would provide the cash for the construction and maintenance of the facility. In exchange for their cash, they would receive percentages of profits to be generated by the facility once its operation starts to generate income.

Debt – is when a company raises capital for expenditures or working capital by offering bills, bonds, or notes to investors, both individuals and institutions. Unlike in equity, where investors receive profits in exchange for their investment, the lenders of debt receive a promise from the company to be repaid of the principal amount plus interest. In simple terms, money is raised by borrowing from investors or lenders. When using this method, money will first be borrowed to finance the land acquisition and construction. A certain period will be agreed upon regarding when and how the payment for the debt and the interest will be given back by the project management.

Debt approach comes in different forms. Short-term debt where the payment of debts would be due in a year or two after the grant of the loan. This is usually for the construction phase of the project. Then longer term permanent debt is used after that. The good thing about short-term debt is that it short term loans are usually at lower rates. The methods of financing funding for an ethanol or biodiesel plant vary and can often be eligible for debt forgiveness.

Debt forgiveness is available for qualifying green and humanitarian projects. There are certain criteria that a project must meet to qualify for debt forgiveness. We are here to help the sponsor meet those guidelines and answer any questions regarding this program. This is a real opportunity to guarantee sustainability of the development and insure clean green energy well into the future.

This industry revolves around renewable energy and the business end is critically serious. If you don't make sufficient sustainable profits and run a tight ship, you'll be out of business very soon. Arranging just the right type of forgivable loans plays a huge part in your overall business pro-forma. Loan terms are offered and debt forgives for the right "green" programs are available. Apply now to determine what program is best for you and your project.



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