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Wind turbine farm development financing enables funding sponsors of large projects to leverage their resources with little or no use of existing corporate credit. In many cases, these qualify for our debt and equity program. Typically, the assets and cash flows are separated from the development's principals and independently underwritten by the lenders. Credit appraisals and lending decisions are based on the inherent economics of the development as opposed to the credit standing or balance sheet of any group or individual developer.

In many cases, in development financing for funding wind turbine farm projects, developers will approach landowners where they want to construct. Interest in these developments is frequently inspired by outside pressures such as tax and other financial inducements and legal requirements. Tax credits are a huge incentive for equity investors since they provide a quick return of cash in the form of a rebate of up to 30% of the investment in most cases. These incentives often make the difference in weather a development is profitable or not. Since each situation is influenced by local policies and permit requirements, we can provided assistance to help you understand the process of obtaining financing for funding and installing wind turbine farm development projects.

Many recent developments in include several debt and equity. Funding financing of wind farm project developments is fairly straight forward and just takes a common sense approach. For many years, developers of fossil fuel-based energy in North America have employed traditional techniques to fund, but this approach has been less accessible to developers of renewable energy. Fortunately, as banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are becoming more familiar with the technologies, regulatory landscape and transaction structures, this type of development financing for funding wind turbine farm projects. With positive trends in the cost and reliability of technology and the recent transition of the industry to one dominated by larger participants with proven track records and institutional relationships, the available financial options are expanding.

Over the last decade, steady growth has been enjoyed by this renewable energy source. That growth is expected to continue in both the United States and Canada as well as Anywherely in the coming years. Given the increasing number of credible sponsors with well-established relationships with the lending community, the improving credit position of many of the utility power purchasers and the increasingly favorable regulatory environment globally more project financing for funding wind turbine farm developments can be expected.

In the early 1980's, when the first utility-scale operations were installed, they generated electricity cost as much as 30 cents per kilowatt-hour. Due to the capitalizing of state-of-the-art power plants at excellent sites, they are now generating electricity at less than 5 cents/kWh.  Costs are continuing to decline as more, larger and better plants are constructed and advanced technology is introduced at an amazing rate.

The process generally will involve the  developer utility, construction contractor; warranty, maintenance and service provider, typically the supplier of the equipment; operator often one of the project sponsors or an affiliate; and the lenders. Additional participants will include independent engineers and consultants engaged by the lenders to assist in evaluating particular aspects of the transaction. Put us to work to get your green energy development off the ground by providing the capital necessary to get you producing power for the grid. We bring to the table years of experience and a myriad of institutional debt and equity resources to provide the capital necessary to get you producing and feeding the grid.

Shovel ready plans are by far the most desirable for all providers of capital into these developments. Lenders must also do their due diligence to prove viability. Usually the first step for the lenders is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the developer's feasibility study and possibly even hire a consultant to conduct an independent feasibility study. These studies will analyze the wind resource data and should demonstrate the financial viability of the undertaking. These studies will detail technical, financial and other aspects of the development and are crucial to the lender in its risk assessment of the proposed plan. The loan usually will be secured by all assets, including a mortgage on the facilities and real property; assignment of operating revenues; liens on all personal property; and assignment of all agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance bonds to which the borrower is the beneficiary.



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Analysis Form - Wind Turbine Farm Funding Project Financing  


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