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Commercial loan and mortgage interest rates are not as easily quoted as residential. They are not 'cookie cutter" like quotes on residential financing. There are many aspects taken into consideration when quoting commercial loan rates on mortgages. Some of the things considered are:

  • Borrowers financial qualifications that are  documentable. IE: Personal Financial Statements, Tax Returns etc.

  • Can't document? Stated Income and No Doc programs are available usually at higher commercial loan mortgage rates.

  • The type of property. Usually classified as "tiers". Example: apartments are usually a tier 1 (lower risk). Bar/Lounges are usually a tier 4 (higher risk). The higher the risk, the higher the return for the lender.

  • Borrowers credit scores. Obviously, the lower the score the higher the risk. The higher the risk the higher the return.

  • Term of the loan. Usually the longer the lender has their money out, the higher the price.

  • Fixed or Adjustable. The lender will give the borrower a better price when they are willing to share in the risk of market fluctuations.

  • The property's financial records. If purchasing or refinancing an income producing property, the property's financial and income / expense history plays a huge part in determining the financing terms.

  • Pre payment penalties and "lockouts" are the norm in this type financing. They can be negotiated down or eliminated by paying "points" or accepting slightly higher rates.

* Loan fees may vary from program to program. Any and all fees are standard and customary. No Junk Fees. If you would like a quote on  your  specific  requirements  please  submit   our Quick Application at  no  cost  or obligation.  You'll hear back from us  right away.

Loan fees are different on this type financing. There may be "due diligence" fees, environmental impact research fees, industry specific inspection and analysis. These are examples of fees that may be incurred in addition to the normal appraisal, title, origination, recording, processing and other standard and customary fees. Unlike residential financing, this financing usually requires an up-front fee to the lender for the appraisal (from $1500 to $3500 depending on property type) and possibly a deposit from some lenders.

*  We offer many, many more programs than we can update on our web site every day. Also, each program above has several pricing options. 

Examples of Common Commercial Mortgage Loan Interest Rates, Indices and Programs

  • Prime (index) + X% (margin usually from 1 - 3.5%): The prime rate is published in nearly all daily papers. Just add the margin to the index to get the fully indexed or note interest rates.

  • T-Bill index (usually the 5 yr note) + margin. Again this index is published in most papers.

  • 2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 10 year fixed programs offers 20 to 30 year amortization for low payments, yet lower pricing than a longer term. These programs may have a balloon payment at the end of the fixed term or may covert to an ARM program at the end of the fixed time frame.

  • 15 - 25 to 30 fully amortizing fixed interest. Financing programs of this type are typically the most expensive.

We have access to numerous commercial wholesale lenders that offer more programs and pricing structures than could possibly be listed in their entirety on this or any other website. Even if we could list them all, you would be more confused than you were before you started. We can counsel you on the program that is right for you and your financial goals. If one direct lender can't perform then we go to the one that can. We shop for the very best commercial loan interest rates and mortgages available in the market.  You fill out one very short commercial loan quick-application. We then analyze the numerous programs that may be appropriate for you and you special needs or objectives.

Every credit transaction is structured to match your specific business objectives, risk profile and market challenges. We will work with you and  your organization throughout the entire financing process. Additionally, we offer constant communication and personal service throughout the entire process.


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